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The CAVE is somewhat different from other schools in structure, scheduling and culture as well as in clientele. Students who attend the CAVE do so because they need or desire greater flexibility within, and control over, their educational programming. The school serves a very diverse group of students, from those who struggle to those who wish to accelerate their program.

Some typical examples of CAVE students include:

  • Students who are working full-time but wish to continue to work towards their high school diploma;
  • Students who need a flexible learning schedule to meet personal and work commitments;
  • Students who find better success working independently;
  • Students who wish to accelerate their high school program;
  • Students who need to upgrade their marks/courses for post-secondary admittance;
  • Students who cannot attend school due to various reasons;
  • Students with passions (athletes, artists, entrepreneurs) that lead them beyond the confines of classrooms;
  • At-risk students.

The CAVE runs an Outreach Program and Virtual Program.

The CAVE Fast Facts

  • An alternative educational facility where students can achieve their high school education in a relaxed, flexible, self-paced environment.
  • Offers a full range of courses, which include CALM, English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Agriculture, Design Studies, Workplace Safety, Financial Management, Early Learning and Child Care, Communications Technology, Physical Education, Forensic Sciences, Aboriginal Studies, Forestry, Legal Studies, Psychology, Tourism, and Wildlife.
  • Nine teachers and two full-time support staff.
  • The Athabasca Outreach School was created in 1996.
  • In 2004, our division also created a virtual outreach school. In 2012, the outreach school and the virtual school were merged to form The CAVE.
  • The CAVE typically has 70 outreach students (some attend on a regular basis) and 450 virtual students.

Important Contact Numbers


Contact Name Description Number Email
Sean Morrison Principal 780-675-9549 [email protected]
Pamela Mestinsek Administrative Assistant  780-675-9549  [email protected]


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4717 47 Avenue
Athabasca, AB T9S 1R2

Phone: 780-675-9549
Toll Free: 1-888-870-7313
Fax: 780-675-9578

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